In the chapters below you will find general information on our support programme for the Emukhunzulu Education Centre. Please browse around. We are grateful for the interest that you show in our work.

On this page we present our current projects for which we urgently ask for help.


This year for the first time since the foundation of the Emukhunzulu Education Centre 21 pupils of our 8th form will complete primary school with the KCPE – the Kenian certificate for primary education – the equivalent to secondary modern school and junior high school.

After Primary school normally four years at Highschool follow. Without a Highschool certificate there is practically no chance for our children to find work in Kenia. Even for simple jobs the KCSE is required (equivalent to A levels and High School Diploma). Without this certificate there is only the work of a day labourer – and you are back in the cycle of poverty.

Attending Highschool is linked to considerable costs. In general there is a demand for school fees, wearing a school uniform is obligatory and also providing materials such as books and exercise folders. One year at a public school costs 150 – 400 Euro – depending on the status and esteem of the school. With a daily income of 50 cents for many families in the rural area this is just out of reach.

By building a Highschool we can give “our children” the chance to participate in higher education by sponsoring their school fees. But we are in lack of accommodation.

On the long run we are planning 4 class rooms, a chemical laboratory, a computer room and a small room for the teachers. Shortterm we are starting to build one classroom to enable the first pupils to start with our new form 1 in January 2012 at our Julie Ndere Highschool.

This class room will cost 3.500 Euro. There is a small capital stock, so that we can start building soon. But there is an urgent need for donations to secure the completion of the building.

This is what we ask of you.

Food supplies at the School:

The uprests of the last months in Northern Africa has led to an explosion of the cost of living also in Kenia.
This is a big challenge to our local partners to provide the children with a hot meal every day.

The cost for a sack of corn has gone up from 12 to 25 Euro, a sack of rice is now 35 instead of 18 Euro etc.

Here we are trying to help the school by providing a monthly sum by increasing our food funds through extra donations.

Unfortunately there is not much money available yet – every cent helps to provide our pupils and especially our boarding school children with sufficient and healthy food.


The library has been put on its way – see chapter “Library” – But many of the shelves are still empty. To fill the gaps we are hoping for extra donations.

Purchase of individual tables and chairs for our 8th form:

In Kenia it is common in primary schools that 3 pupils share one bench and one table. This is standard in the simple schools and can be produced at low cost.

But for our 8th for individual tables and chairs are obligatory. Only then our school will be admitted to an examination centre of the state supervision authorities. Otherwise our pupils would have to change to a different school and the reputation of the Emukhunzulu Education Centre would suffer.

At the moment we are collecting for 25 desks an 25 chairs. One set of desk/chair currently costs 25 Euro. Would you like to help one of our pupils to have a proper exam? We are grateful for any kind of support.

We will be glad to answer any further questions. Please write to us at
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