From the travel report of a sponsor, who visited the Emukhunzulu Education Centre in July 2010. She writes:


The Emuk-Library is in a room next to the office. A lot of shelves have already been put up, but one can see that most of the shelves are not put to their purpose yet. The seamstress would be sitting there and do her work, since the uniforms are now being sewn at the school. In one corner the donated mattresses are kept since there. Is no special room for the afternoon nap of the little ones. If I understood correctly the mattresses are put up and down anew each time.


There were already books there, but only very few. They were thin storybooks with 10 copies each. Consequently the books can be used in classes. On each bench (seat and desk permanently joined) there are sitting 3 children. The school can stamp the books to document the ownership, which makes me – being German – very happy indeed. The way things stand at the moment the Emuk-Library is still on its way to be set up. But from all that I could see on my visit I have no doubts whatsoever that this project will really get going.












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