Equipment of the school





During the first two years we support the school as a private initiative, but in close cooperation with “Jamaa-Education Project Africa r.s.”, who in the beginning supported the school with single project donations apart from our sponsorships.
Since the foundation of our own association we organized the project donations ourselves.
So the equipment of the school could be considerably improved during the past three years:

•    A bigger and more efficient stove (jiko) for the school kitchen could be purchased,
      to enable to prepare daily meals for the school children in sufficient quantity.

•    School books and teaching materials could be bought.

•    Simple cupboards in classes for the storage of schooling materials.

•    The basis for a school library was founded, first by Jamaa then by us in buying children’s books
      and school books as well as furnishings. That was purchased at the local trade.

•    Improving water supply by building an own cistern. The school management was subsidized in getting a pump, too.

•    For the KCPE (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education), which qualifies for Secondary Education,
      some more single school desks will be purchased for grade 8.

•    Extending the library and getting more book material.

•    More toilets must be built for the extremely growing number of pupils.