The School

A Dream comes true - The foundation of a school:
The "Emukhunzulu Education Centre"


The Ndeta family, especially Nehemiah Ndeta who grew up under circumstances as described before, founded the E.E.C.  In his childhood he experienced what´s repeating perpetually, the vicious circle of poverty: He was sent home from classes continually because lack of financial means.


But he didn´t get down, went back again and again, stole into the class-room and if no other way, he attended lessons from outside squatting under a window.

Rather impressed by his persistence, the school-teachers made a deal with the boy.  If he finished class as best pupil, he should terminate school without paying school - fees.  -  So it occurred.




By lucky chance and thanks to sponsors Nehemiah was able to visit one of the best secondary- schools in Kenya and after that made a job training.  But instead of starting a career, he didn’t forget his roots.  He wanted to give back a little of the luck that happened to him.

Meanwhile he lived in Nairobi with his small family. So he founded a Primary and a High School in its slum quarters.

Almost 2000 pupils attend these schools now, sponsored by several organizations.
Nehemiah also didn´t forget his native village.  For Khumusalaba´s  children  too,  he wanted to make education possible.

Due to a single great donation by a sponsor an estate could be bought  and buildings established. So in 2007  The Emukhunzulu Education Centre was opened. The school divides into three pre–school classes:  baby-, nursery-, and pre-unit class, as well as forms 1-8.