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Kenya - a wonderful but poor country - where most children have neither any access to health facilities nor to a warm meal, and last not least:  any form of school education.

Highly dedicated people achieved a lot during the last years and many of the deprived children could be helped. But mostly the benefits are limited to the coastal region and to the capital of Nairobi. There the appropriate infrastructure is given to reach the areas where help is urgently needed.

In the Western area, the region around Lake Victoria (Victoria Nyanza), due to the lacking touristic infrastructure, these kind of relief actions have not had any effect yet: No-one travels around here by chance.
In the Western province, about an hour north of Kisumu town and Lake Victoria,  in the village  of  Khumusalaba,  the Emukhunzulu  Education Centre is situated. Its small private school enables children, who are without any means to get access to school education.

The Primary branch of the school is not supported by the Kenyan state, so it has to be financed by itself.  It is beyond doubt that the quality of teaching here is much higher than at state run schools. To keep this achieved standard with own financial means is rather difficult.


Therefore our charitable, denominational and political independent society supports the school governance first of all with donations for projects and children sponsorships. Because of these benefits many of these former deprived children can achieve a school leaving certificate which is a precondition for a job training and so to speak:  for an independent life.

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